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We are not just providing only membership, there are lots of other benefits that are designed specifically with today’s busy working family member in mind.

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Initiation Costs

Those amounts paid solely to initially admit a person as a member to a Waterpark Golf & Country Club.

Annual Dues

Any fee paid on an annual or more frequent basis to the club operator pursuant to the membership agreement for the right to use club services during such year or portion thereof.


A Waterpark Golf & Country Club membership will typically open up access to a range of other club amenities. These may include the dining room and bar, swimming pools, and possibly other sport, as well as club space for one’s own social needs.

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Club Storage Locker #

Waterpark Golf Club does not allow any outside ALCOHOL to be brought on-premises. Alcohol purchased from Waterpark Golf Club premises will be allowed on the course. Cooler, Cooler Bags, or addition carries will be subject to inspection.

I hear by making application to Waterpark Golf & Country Club for membership as indicated above. I understand and agree that Waterpark Golf Club reserves the right to refuse my application for just cause as determined in its sole discretion and that my membership is non-transferable or refundable.

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